About Us

Behind a great product stand inspiring and innovative people. The Artware team is made up of enthusiastic and talented developers as well as technology and business veterans.

Artware, Inc. specializes in developing mobile applications for the masses in the social and retail markets spaces. The company introduced the first generation of layrs, a multi-layer photo editing app. The product is based on a proprietary technology of image processing as well as an innovative interface giving a unique user experience.

layrs is a pioneer in providing the mobile photographer a true multi-layer photo editing capability on the go. It enables quick separation of a photo into layers on the exact boundary of objects. This allows the mobile photographer to edit each layer individually, achieving effects of professional DSLR cameras. The company is planning to release follow on generations with advanced features.

Artware, Inc. was founded in 2012 by a serial entrepreneur and technology expert, Moti Kintzlinger, and photographer, entrepreneur and marketing and business executive, Janice Ozguc. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA with an R&D arm in Israel.

Janice Ozguc janice@artwarestudio.com
Moti Kintzlinger moti@artwarestudio.com